Catherine Brown (US EPA), Sarah Wilkinson (UA SRP), Eric Betterton
(UA SRP), and Nadia Hollan-Burke (US EPA, and former student).  Region 9 Headquarters, June, 2011.


University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Members’ Nominating Committee (2011-2012).

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, University Relations Committee, 1997-2003 (Chair 2002-2003).

American Geophysical Union, Committee on Public Affairs, 2004-2010 (Chair, 2007-10).

American Meteorological Society, Committee on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification, 2004-2007.

American Institute of Physics, Government Relations Advisory Committee, 2010-2012.

National Research Council, Research Associateship Program Review Panels, 1989-2009 (Chair 2005-2009).


U.S. Department of Justice; and U.S. EPA technical advisor on azides (2002).

State of Oregon House Environment Committee (HB2507), presentation “Sodium Azide in Automobile Airbags”, March 1, 2005, resulting in landmark legislation controlling airbag disposal:  House Bill 2507.

Pima County Environmental Quality Advisory Council, Member, appointed by County Board of Supervisors 2001-present.

Sonora Environmental Research Institute, a community non-profit organization, Board member.

Pima County Board of Supervisors – technical advisor on air quality.

Op-ed articles published:  Unused airbags dangerous to people, environment.  Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Arizona, March 28, 2004.  Similar piece in The Oregonian, Portland, Oregon, March 8, 2004.


University of Arizona Strategic Planning and Budget (SPBAC) committee, (elected) 2006-present.

University Radiation Safety Committee, 2005-present; elected Chair 2012.